our aim:

not budget management but how
to resolve customer problems:
we are your communications partners.
we analyze your needs.
we plan & implement communication strategies,
reinforcing your brand and the success of its products.

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Special Thanks

for more years of work to:

ART VOICE ACADEMY (I) music academy OAKWOOD (F) leather jacket 2009 MMD - P24h (I) automatic shops 2009 K2 CHOCOLATE TV (I) solarium healt and beauty 2009 SAXUM (I) house recovering 2009 CITIZENS OF HUMANITY (USA) sportswear 2009 AMANTIS (I) winery 2008 MION (I) leather labels 2008 TAJ52 (I) leather jacket 2008 ED HARDY (USA) sportswear 2008 LOT78 (GB) sportswear 2008 OM (I) sportswear 2008 RAD RAGS - ALL IN ONE (I) sportswear 2007 RICH & RICH (I) sportswear 2007 ARVIND (I) denim febric 2007 AVIREX USA (I) sportswear 2007 CROSS JEANS (TR) sportswear 2007 COTONIFICIO PASQUALE BORGHI (I) febric 2006 T.B.M. (I) denim fabric 2006 TENUTA PININO (I) winery 2004 RAID GAULOISES (I) sportswear 2005 FIXO (I) buttons 2005 GIADA (I) sportswear 2005 MANIFATTURA ITALIANA CUCIRINI MIC (I) sewing thread 2005 AUTO3 (I) car-service 2005 CAPPIO (I) denim fabric 2004 LIVIO FELLUGA (I) winery 2004 LINK (I) clothing service 2004 JACOB COHEN (I) jeanswear 2004 ZANELLA MINUTERIE METALLICHE (I) buttons 2004 ARMANI JEANS (I) jeanswear 2003 ISKO (TR) fabric 2001 OKINAWA (I) leather labelling 2003 METALBOTTONI (I) buttons 2003 PEGORER (I) clothing 2003 VICTOR (I) woven tapes 2003 EUROGIOCHI (I) blow-up playing 2004 MG BOYS (I) clothing 2003 ITALDENIM (I) denim fabric 2003 MAGNUM (GB) shoes 2003 TESSUTI PORDENONE (I) fabric 2003 LANIFICIO FOLLINA (TR) fabric 2003 JULIA GARNETT (I) woman knitwear 2003 HI-TEC (GB) shoes 2003 GEOX (I) shoes 2003 RAD RAGS (I) fabric treatments 2003 MULLER (I) industrial brush 2003 BOND STREET (I) sportswear 2002 GIORI (I) spirits 2003 TOMASI MASTER (I) garment covers 2003 V-LITE (GB) shoes 2003 PACIFIC TRAIL (I) sportswear 2003 DONNAMICA (I) knitwear 2003 OCEAN STAR (I) sportswear 2003 ERIC (I) clothing industry 2003 JOHN BATTLE (MEX) spirits 2003 SUMURA (I) fabric agency 2003 TEX POINT (I) fabric tretments 2003 AQUASPORT (GB) shoes 2003 MUSTANG (D) sportswear 2002 ARBI (I) young clothing 2002 WE'RE (I) sportswear 2003 SANKO (TR) sewing thread 2002 ALATO (I) t-shirts 2002 ARKANO (I) jewellery 2002 MISS MAGGIE (I) sportswear 2002 GRIFONI JEANS (I) jeanswear 2002 BURLINGTON (USA) fabric 2002 SERENA.COM (I) phone company 2001 LA GIOIOSA (I) winery 2002 COBRA (I) buttons 2000 ONLY T-SHIRT (I) promo t-shirts 1998 POLICE (I) sunglasses 1997 VERADONNA (I) underwear 1997 SHOWA (I) sportswear 1994 ADRIANO GOLDSHMIED (I) sportswear 1990 .... & MORE ....



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